With ADOFloor your life and
work areas are more lively

Every ADOFloor product consists of an innovation inside. It brings liveliness into your living space, creates a unique working environments with its broad pattern and size options.

Beauty by nature

ADOFloor re-creates all living places by taking the beauty, style, and aesthetics of nature, with high-class, innovative and useful designs.

With its enormous 550.000 m 2 production base situated in Europe, ADOFLOOR manufactures LVT and offers a wide range of products with its high-tech infrastructure in accordance with the various demands and needs of its customers.

With its numerous features such as depth, reality, durability, easy cleaning, and practical application, the LVT combines ADOFloor quality and power with its target audience in a wide range of applications from homes to hotel buildings to high-end terminal buildings.

Innovative Approach

ADOFloor, a brand of ADO Group family, keeps performing its works in line with the principles of this strong family where it takes it roots.

ADO Group has contributed to the Turkish economy with its valuable products for 62 years. The production activities continue in the bases that are present in 4 different continents, including the one in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone.

ADOFloor bringing its modern design, high technology substructure and innovative perspective, is forming every step of the future world as of today.

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