Contains Antibacterial Characteristics. Easy to Clean.

Floor cleaning is significant in terms of hygiene and health as floors are intensely used in modern living areas and are exposed to different environmental factors. Efficient and easy disinfection and practical cleaning of building materials used on the floor and most importantly, their natural defense system against bacteria make these materials Number 1 in terms of choice.

With all its models and product ranges, ADOFloor offers a natural defense system in living and use areas against all possible bacteria on the floors, thanks to the anti-bacterial characteristics of LVT.

Based on the anti-bacterial protective layers of LAAG collection, ADOFloor also provides durable and hygienic use in floor coverings that kids intensely come into contact at homes.

ADOFloor’s LVT products immediately eliminate all foods released on floor as well as growth of bacteria due to external factors and also offer practical solutions in living areas with their easy and quick cleaning characteristics.

GRIT range stands out as the first choice of architects and public authorities through its hygiene and cleaning benefits and anti-bacterial and durable structure in terms of use in medical organizations and public areas.

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As a comfortable, modular,
elegant, safe and endurable

LVT currently creates the modern living areas of the future and leads design trends