ADOFLoor Products Are Fireproof.

Resistance of the materials used in buildings to any possible negative situations in terms of safety standards is currently one of the major issues in construction sector.

From personal home use to the products preferred in common areas, public areas, shopping and gym centers; the resistance and safety standards particularly in case of dangerous situations such as fire are crucial.

Therefore, ADOFloor offers high standards of safety in both living spaces and common use areas of consumers through its LVT product that demonstrates superior fireproof characteristics against fire. Thanks to the special divisions inside the layers of LVT and the state-of-the-art components used in such layers; high resistance is achieved against burning at diverse temperature degrees. While local burns that could occur in minor home accidents may result in irreparable damages in ordinary floor coverings that require high costs, utmost level of fire resistance is ensured with LVT floor coverings produced based on the assurance of ADOFloor. In this way, LVT coverings both offer cost-effectiveness and reduce the existing risks thanks to its high fire resistance.

LVT is frequently used all around the world as the most preferred floor covering material against the situations that might result in bigger risks in public and common use areas thanks to resistance characteristics.

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As a comfortable, modular,
elegant, safe and endurable

LVT currently creates the modern living areas of the future
and leads design trends.