Offers the Pleasure of a Noiseless Walk Thanks to Its Layered Structure.

ADOFloor LVT ranges that are manufactured as a result of the combination of 8 independent, different layers with special production methods at ADOFloor production hub brings a brand new style into living and use areas.

Thanks to the special applications within the layers, LVT ensures high level of noise insulation. Whether used at home or in crowded areas, LVT offers a comfortable and noiseless walk based on this superior feature.

LVT ensures noise insulation between flats and rooms in domestic use and also eliminates the disturbing walking noise caused by standard floor coverings. In this way, it prevents the noise created by floor coverings and the reduction of quality in living spaces of users.

It also eliminates the walking and movement noise which occurs in public areas due to intense movements and which affects everyone in the space. Thus, ADOFloor LVT products ensure high degree of noise insulation and quietness particularly in public areas where noise reaches disturbing levels, such as terminal buildings, airports and hospitals in which quietness is very important, as compared to the other floor coverings.

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As a comfortable, modular,
elegant, safe and endurable

LVT currently creates the modern living areas of the future and leads design trends.