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LAAG LVT Collection

We work hard to make sure that everything is just like what you have asked for.

We are laying the foundation of your living spaces, with LAAG series with a modern understanding to ensure that comfort, aesthetics, and elegance follow you at every step you take. With our water and moisture resistant, anti-bacterial, hygienic, easy-to-clean, and environment-friendly products, we value you and your family.

Usage areas
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‣ Home & Summer House

‣ Home Office

‣ Nursery& Boutique Store

We combine aesthetic and stylish designs with your style in every aspect of life by combining the product range suitable for different needs with the easy-to-use feature.

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‣ Kitchens

‣ Bathrooms

‣ Laundry Rooms

With its water and moisture resistant structure, we offer you aesthetic and quality solutions in wet areas.

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‣ Work Rooms

‣ Cellars

‣ Sports Rooms

With resistance to surface abrasion and impacts, we provide the floor for you to move as you wish in your living spaces.

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‣ Bedrooms

‣ Children and Play Rooms

‣ Dressing Rooms

Thanks to its easy-to-clean, anti-bacterial hygienic structure, LAAG series create special areas for you and your loved ones at every moment of your life.

Acoustic walking pleasure

With its superior sound-absorbing feature, the LAAG series prevents walking noise on the floor, giving you the comfort of every step in your home.

You are in a very healthy place

It is an environmentally friendly product that does not contain any harmful substances. With this feature, your home is exceptionally hygienic.

Easy installation with click system

With the Click system, you can comfortably apply any LAAG model with different colors and patterns. With ADOFloor, you are the architect of your dream home.

Low-level surface abrasion

The LAAG series offers high impact and abrasion resistance. ADOFloor provides the ground for you to move as you wish in your living spaces.

Fire resistant

Your and your loved ones' safety is important. Therefore, with its special structure developed against fire, LAAG prioritizes safety.

Water and moisture resistant

Floating parquet, deteriorating floorings, worn floors are no longer your concern. With ADOFloor, all the floors in your house remain like intact.