We are venturing into modern
living spaces.

We want to make every moment of our lives more valuable, to live in better conditions. Well, why don't we start everything from the scratch? That is why we start from the bottom today to create the modern living spaces of the future. We invite you to step into the modern living spaces that you have always dreamt of, with different areas of use and customizable color and design options for everyone.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

World's choice in
floor covering


Thanks to special layers that increase the resistance against water and moisture, maximum durability is ensured in all wet and dry areas.


Thanks to the high-tech components used, high resistance to burns at different temperatures is achieved.

Intensive Pedestrian Traffic

It offers durable and aesthetic solutions against wear and strain which may occur due to use in excessively used floors.

Quiet Walking Experience

It provides a high level of sound insulation and comfortable usage in public and communal areas compared to other floorings.

Slide Background

It provides easy and fast assembly with the options of gluing and direct laying.

You can also install ADOFloor products easily,
so you can save time and budget.