A Recyclable Material.

One of the most important common characteristics of all materials that we prefer in our living and common areas today is recyclability.

Recyclable materials reduce the consumption of energy and raw materials required for re-production and also play a key role in minimizing the negative impacts on the nature. Being aware of the importance of recyclability through all its product ranges, ADOFloor uses most of the products that have expired for different reasons and that could be renovated thanks to its advanced technology and special applications used in the production of LVT.

With its both GRIT and LAAG collections; ADOFloor designs environmentally-friendly products as well as aesthetical approaches created on the floors of diverse areas and the superior technology texture of the highly-recyclable LVT. Offering LVT as the most important product in the world in terms of recyclable floor coverings in modern living areas; ADOFloor also ensures that its customers choosing LVT floor coverings take an environmentally-friendly step into a brand new life.

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As a comfortable, modular,
elegant, safe and endurable

LVT currently creates the modern living areas of the future and leads design trends.