Maximum Abrasion-Proofing on Surface.

LVT is mainly preferred for high circulation areas and public spaces where high number of people is continously on the move. One of the major reasons is that it is produced by using a special, abrasion-proof formulation and application on its top layers.

With its LVT product, ADOFloor offers the best alternative solutions with a wide range of colors and sizes that could be used in the areas that are exposed to so much movement and pressure such as shopping centers, hospitals, airports, terminals, gyms, large office complexes etc.

ADOFloor LVT products that are made with diverse sizes are also a practical and effective floor covering material in both new and renovated public buildings and high circulation spaces thanks to the easy installation and covering systems.

The GRIT range included into the ADOFloor group of products offers aesthethic and elegant products that are resistant to abrasion and forces that might occur due to the use of floors particularly in intense public spaces.

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As a comfortable, modular,
elegant, safe and endurable

LVT currently creates the modern living areas of the future and leads design trends.