A Floor Material Resistant to Water and Moisture.

LVT ensures maximum resistance to water and moisture in all wet and dry floors thanks to its layered structure and special components in this structure that increase the resistance to water and moisture.

When ordinary standard floor coverings come into contact with water; surface deterioration, abrasions, swellings, deformation and aesthetic appearance problems are likely to occur. Manufactured based on the quality and experience of ADOFloor, LVT ensures waterproofing in first contact with water through the state-of-the-art production models. In this way, as the water retained on top layers does not penetrate lower layers, it may not affect the structure of LVT and the floor where LVT is applied.

Moisture in the ambient air in highly-moist areas becomes heavier in the course of time and accumulates on the floor particularly due to climate and use conditions. Moisture that accumulates on floors adversely affect both the material on the floor and the floor behind it.

Thus, the materials to be used on floor coverings should be selected carefully and the technology infrastructure sufficient to achieve the necessary insulation should exist during the application. With its GRID and LAAG collections, ADOFloor ensures maximum insulation and protection in terms of moisture permeability and waterproofing on VLT floor coverings. ADOFloor further improves and offers its customers the waterproofing performance of LVT along with the superior production techniques, wide range of products and brand quality.

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