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LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile)  

An LVT floor can look like real wood or real stone and have any design printed on it, but it also offers many practical benefits.  

It's produced in shapes of tiles or planks. Luxury Vinyl Tiles are a relatively new product and one of the fastest growing products within the flooring market.

How is LVT flooring made?

Luxury vinyl tiles are made from multiple layers of PVC vinyl. The PVC is mixed with various compounds to effects the hardness. These multiple sheets of PVC vinyl are carefully compressed by a rolling process, suspended in a liquid. This is then dried through an application of heat and air to produce tough sheets of vinyl. The top layer can also feature an embossed finish, with manufacturers being able to add realism to the top layer by adding a layer of depth to help mimic the grooves found in stone or wood.

LVT floors also have a clear vinyl and varnish coating applied at the end of manufacturing to add further protection and comfort to the finished product. They are compressed together and a decorative printed vinyl layer is bonded to the surface to add enhanced comfort and warmth.

What is LVT used for?

Because they are made from PVC, this makes them ideal for areas such as bathrooms, kitchens or for even for commercial use such as hair salons and yoga studios. Anywhere that moisture could be an issue, LVT is an ideal substitute to wooden floors. The multiple layers also offer stability to ensure that the product lays flat on the ground without absorbing moisture or expanding due to water.

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Comfortable, modular,
stylish, safe

as a durable product, LVT creates the modern living spaces of
the future from today and directs design trends.